Tuesday, October 20, 2009


While black crept into my wardrobe last fall and kept creeping and creeping, I remember how I felt so on trend. Feeling like I had betrayed my girly destiny, I kept wearing black and after a short while, didn't look back.

Of course you hear everyone your whole fashion life from Coco Chanel to your ever-so-cool aunt from NY tell you its classic and the perfect choice when in doubt. I guess I always ignored it because it seemed too easy.

Lately I've been feeling lost again, wondering what the next underground fashion forward item is. Today I decided that I should take advantage of the crap economy and buy into this simple golden rule, instead of new fuschia and yellow printed dresses. After all wearing tons of black makes you look thinner, richer, trendier, smarter... not to mention embracing the slinky darkness that overcomes within.

When you are standing in front of your closet that looks like a black hole that could suck you into nothingness, step back put your leopard chunky wedge heels from Topshop on and jump in.